Los Olivos, CA


A huge, huge, thanks to Keith Saarloos from Saarloos & Sons for taking time out of his day to give our party of 14 a personal vineyard tour and a private tasting. He didn’t have to due to his broken rib pain…but he did.

By far one of the best wine tasting experiences we’ve ever experienced. This man pours his heart and soul into what he does, especially the pride he possesses that they farm the vineyards and produce the wine. Keith is extremely knowledgeable about what he does so we learned a lot about their vineyards, and also learned a lot about his family. Each bottle tells a fascinating family story relating to that varietal and vintage, and hearing it come from the horses mouth sure made it that more special. He made us laugh, he made us cry…and he made us cry with laughter!

The wines were paired with cupcakes…wait cupcakes??!!! Yes, cupcakes! Wine snobs don’t knock it until you try it and don’t ask us why it worked, but it worked…and it worked well! The cupcakes are from Enjoy Cupcakes and they were insanely delicious. The wines paired beautifully and cleansed the palate perfectly. We started drinking wines from Saarloos years ago and they’ve gone from great to exceptional.

The energy in the tasting room was exciting. It was great to see the interaction of our family and friends with Keith and the impact he made on all of us. A compelling human being for sure. We always like stopping by when we are in town so we knew bringing our party to him would be fun, but the day exceeded any of our expectations by a million miles. Definitely a day that we will talk about and remember for many years to come.

Thanks again Keith.






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