Hello, we are David & Tonya. Husband and wife, parents, just a couple simply following a passion. We love to taste wine, visit wineries, travel, cook, eat, shop (mainly Tonya), listen to great music and raise our two amazing kids. We enjoy documenting everything along the way and sharing our findings with you. We hope our personal experiences will be useful to you on your next trip.

Welcome to our adventure as we continue to explore…Cheers!







  1. I had not heard of your blog until you called the tasting room where I work part time in Santa Barbara, Drake and Chatter Wines. You called with a couple questions before writing about us on your blog. Thank you for the love and I look forward to checking out your blog in general as well as see what you write about us. Come visit us again soon!

    -Jason Wojciechowski

    • The pleasure is ours! Drake Wines was a great new discovery for us and we are excited to pass it along. Cheers Jason!

  2. Hello David & Tonya,

    Hope you both are well. We came across your blog based on an article you wrote on our hotel, Rancho Caymus Inn, several years back (in 2013). As you may know, it’s been under careful but substantial renovation the past 2 years and is about to reopen July 2nd! We enjoyed reading your write-up and would be happy to provide you with any images if you guys would be interested in updating or hearing about new accommodations?

    We would love to have you guys back out to stay with us!

    Rancho Caymus Inn

    • This is great news!! We’d love to stay with you on our next trip to Napa Valley and write a new blog! In the meantime, e-mail us (wineryexplorers@me.com) some new images and info and we’ll mention it on this blog. Good luck this weekend!


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