Drink This!

We’re back…after spending a wonderful family vacation in Philadelphia with some of our closest friends. While we were there, we had an opportunity to enjoy delicious food, outstanding wines, yummy cheeses and above all…quality time with friends that we miss so much.

Most of our evenings in Philly consisted of preparing dinner, kids playing in the yard and glasses of wine being sipped. Every bottle we opened always seemed to have a story behind it. We made it a point to get a bottle of Beringer Napa Valley “Private Reserve” Chardonnay and share it with our friends. Year after year, we have always found this wine to be flavorsome, consistent and a great value for that “special” bottle of wine. If you shop around, you can find it for under $30. Throughout the summer we have enjoyed this wine several times and have found it to pair very nicely with our Greek chicken kabobs or a nice cheese & olive platter. But to be honest, we also really enjoy this delicious Chardonnay all by itself.

In the early 2000’s, this wine was made big, rich and buttery…a style that still attracts us today. But trends change and if we fast forward ten years, we are now seeing a more elegant style Chardonnay being made in California…just like this one. What do we get from this wine? We pick up on some enticing white flowers, lees, hazelnut, tropical fruit, citrus and spice characteristics that mingle with a nice creamy finish. Whenever we bring  this Chardonnay to a special event or party, people always comment on how much they love it and it becomes a hit amongst the white wines.

We guess you could say that vacations with the family, sightseeing in a historic city, and buying souvenirs equal to lots of dollars. But evenings with your best friends, the memories your children made together, many mosquito bites later and bottle after bottle of great wine are simply priceless!!! Thank you Beringer for being apart of such a great lasting memory.




2011 Beringer Napa Valley Private Reserve Chardonnay

Suggested retail: $39