Oakville, Ca.

If you’ve been to Napa before, then you know Oakville Grocery. And if you have not, you will! Located on Highway 29 in Oakville, California, this charming store is worth stopping by while in Napa Valley. Oakville Grocery Store is an iconic building in Napa, dating back to 1881 and a part of Napa’s history. It’s the oldest operating grocery store in California.

Specializing in supplying you with everything needed to have a perfect picnic in Napa, they offer delicious gourmet sandwiches, a nice selection of local wine, artisan cheeses, olive oils and an assortment of pastries. All products sold here are from the Napa, Sonoma or Northern California areas or at the very least California. We should also mention that there is an espresso/coffee bar as well, to help jump start your day.

In 2012 Oakville Grocery went through a major renovation to actually make it feel “old” again. Owner, Leslie Rudd wanted people to feel a piece of Napa like it was 30 years ago. The remodel was designed to accommodate the large number of locals and tourists that are drawn to this place daily.

Oakville Grocery is a great place to take a break in your day, grab some lunch and enjoy it outdoors at their “picnic” grounds, if you like. You’ll enjoy the sweet character that this place offers. And if you’re like us, Oakville Grocery will become a destination that you will always be sure to stop at when in Napa Valley. We really enjoy their delicious sandwiches, freshly prepared side dishes and the overall nostalgia that this place has.




Oakville Grocery


7856 St. Helena Highway  Oakville Ca, 94668  (707) 944-8802

Open 7 days a week 7:00am – 6:00pm