Drink This!

Santa Lucia Highlands is known for its luscious California style Pinot Noir and this 2010 Roar SLH Pinot Noir is exactly that! The grapes are from the notable Rosella’s, Garys’ and Pisoni Vineyards. If anyone has tasted wines from these vineyards know their reputation is that of a bigger style Pinot…and that it’s going to be good! Really good!

We discovered this wine at Tastes of the Valleys in Pismo Beach, Ca. It was the first wine poured in our tasting. We liked it so much, we joked they didn’t even need to continue the tasting, “we’ll just take the Roar home right now!” Well, to no surprise, we bought a bottle to drink back at our hotel, The Cliffs Resort, that evening. We enjoyed this amazing bottle with our friends later that night. Our good friend Jennifer (who is an avid wine drinker) said it was one of the best wines she’d ever had! No doubt about it, the “wine stars” were in line for us that night. We picked up on some attractive earthy red raspberry, lavender, spice, anise, and some captivating salty ocean air. This wine is sexy, full bodied and just downright delicious!

We went back the next day to Tastes of the Valleys to buy another bottle of Roar to take back home. Recently, we opened that bottle and were again blown away! We always find it special to bring home a bottle of wine from our travels. It’s just so amazing how the smells and flavors of a certain bottle of wine can bring back the wonderful memories from one’s trip!




2010 Roar SLH Pinot Noir $45